While our elders are abused and neglected behind closed doors, Norway is the world champion in foreign aid

Norway is the world champion in foreign aid measured by gross national income (GNI). Per capita, the country is the most generous in the world. Meanwhile, the generation that built our country is abused and neglected behind closed doors. Knowing those facts makes NRK’s documentary Brennpunkt: Care Behind Closed Doors even more harrowing. “Numbers that […]

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Liberals in Norway who whitewash Islam help normalize the oppression of Muslim women

“Why don’t feminists fight for Muslim women,” asked the courageous champion of women’s rights, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a few years ago. Hirsi Alis’s word ring just as true today, and as the situation is in Norway today, those who fight for equality whitewash Islam and help normalize the oppression of women in the Muslim religious […]

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In the end everything is revealed

January 6 has been stinking for a long time. If people see that the Democrats, the deep state, and the media have run a game they can use against the Trump voters, after first stealing the election, they have completed a coup from within.

First they betray the people, then they want to put them on trial as terrorists.

Americans will never forgive such a betrayal.

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The World Economic Forum’s ‘AI Enslavement’ is Coming for YOU!

When Sir Thomas More wrote his socio-political satire about a fictional island society in the New World, he gave it the fabricated name, Utopia, derived from simple Greek and meaning, “no-place.” Although More was humorously telling his audience that his idealized community existed nowhere, centuries of central planners chasing the fantasy of utopian societies have failed […]

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Strive, Don’t Die For Dignity

This coming spring, Canada is set to allow those who suffer a mental illness to apply for medically assisted suicide. Belgium and Netherlands already allow it for mental illness that is deemed insufferable, mostly depressions, which make up around 1-2% of their total assisted…

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Eddie Van Halen and Johann Sebastian Bach, is there a connection?

At first glance, it may seem strange to look for a kinship between the rock guitarist Eddie Van Halen and the baroque master Johann Sebastian Bach. But an unknown piece by Bach made me think of the recently deceased guitar genius.

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Fear not: Together, Støre and Gates will save the world from the crisis of climate change!

A new darkness descends across the land as Bill Gates and Jonas Gahr Støre met up for a romantic Valentine’s breakfast at the Prince of Gaslighting’s residence, to discuss their new love child: climate change. As always, their new endeavour will be prohibitively expensive and completely infeasible.

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Document Specials: A meeting with Dr. Ryan Cole

Dr. Ryan Cole was amongst the first doctors to speak up about horrifying findings related to the Covid-19 vaccines. Together with his colleagues Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Richard Urso and Dr. Peter A. McCullough, he warns about the dangers of mRNA-vaccine technology. We’ve asked him to explain how and why they claim the mRNA-vaccines are dangerous.

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Document Specials: A meeting with Dr. Robert Malone

Welcome to a conversation with Robert Malone that spans topics from mRNA-technology and Covid injections to cancel culture and government lies (the subject of a recent book by Dr. Malone). Rebecca Mistereggen had the honour of meeting this cordial, down-to-earth and intellectually courageous man in Vienna earlier in December.

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Document Specials: Interview with Dr. Jennifer Hibberd

Dr. Jennifer Hibberd  is one of Canada’s top dental surgeons, a co-founder of Canadian Covid Care Alliance and a champion for health and human rights. A long side Dr. Richard Urso and Dr. Ryan Cole, Dr. Hibberd works tirelessly to inform people about Covid-19 and the vaccines.

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